Nanowrimo Writers: Start Your Engines!

It’s November 1 and we all know what that means. The first day of National Novel Writing Month. Had an idea cooking for a while? Want to try your hand a getting a book on paper? This is the time to do it. I am!

The goal? To write 50,000 words — that’s 1666 per day in the month of November. In November 2015, I nearly completed my first fiction work! Most Novembers, I am in Burgundy, Alsace, and Germany for wine celebrations and appointments so, completing Nano just didn’t didn’t work. And then came 2020.

I’ve roped some friends into joining me — and the Nanowrimo site has a lot of ways to connect as well as active groups on Facebook. (Seriously, do this with a buddy or two — it will get your through.) In the meantime, as I’ve been preparing for Dakota Stone #2, I found some resources you might like:

Here’s How to Finish that F****** Book You Monster, by bestselling author Chuck Wendig

5 Writing Tips from Laura Lippman, from Publisher’s Weekly (This are so valuable. I do my best thinking and get my best ideas when I clear my head with a walk.)

Writing Advice to My Students That Would Also Have Been Good Sex Advice for my High School Boyfriends, by Helena de Bres, McSweeney’s

Here’s to Finish Your Revision, you Filthy Animal, Chuck Wendig. (Seriously, just go to his site and search on “how to” and then read every word. Then read it again. Then buy his book. As someone who essentially revises books for a living, this one speaks to me.)

Get writing! Accomplish something! Wouldn’t it be nice to finish this crazy November with a new story in the world?

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