Indianapolis Commanderie de Bordeaux — June 2023 Newsletter

Thanks for the great response to the inaugural Indianapolis CdB newsletter last month.  Lots to cover as reports are still coming in about the previews – and pricing – of the new Bordeaux, as well as the current vintage.  There are still reports coming in from Bordeaux regarding the 2022s.  Hope these pointers can help... Continue Reading →

Publishing Insights May 2023

Greetings from Indianapolis during the Month of May! If you know, you know. In Indianapolis, the entire month is a celebration of cars, racing, and community. Memorial Day weekend in Indy is always busy with race parties, a big parade, and the Indy 500.  This month has been a rare month of working primarily on... Continue Reading →

Indianapolis Commanderie de Bordeaux — May Educateur Newsletter

Friends, In an effort to help everyone continue their education about Bordeaux, I’m going to be putting together a monthly newsletter for you with articles, resources, and information about the wines of Bordeaux. There will also be ideas for more information, websites, and writers/sommeliers you might want to follow.  So, have some fun reading up... Continue Reading →

Strategic Goals: Asking the Big Qs

Goals have always been important to me, and along the way, I became a real believer in metrics-based work.  Setting a measurable, time-based goal is a clear way to break larger objectives into achievable pieces. It’s also a great solution for managing employees who work-from-home as well as a large stables of freelancers and authors.... Continue Reading →

March 2023 Thoughts and Publishing Insights

How Is Your 2023 So Far? My theme this year is “insane bravery.” After so many of firsts last year, many of which involved putting myself out there in a big way, I wanted to keep up the momentum. AND! My theme has also helped me see the same insane bravery in others. When a... Continue Reading →

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