#notes200in2020! I did it!

Welcome to the year 2020!

January got a way from me so here I am, a few weeks late to announce a personal project for 2020.  It combines goals I want to achieve, discovery, and change — so I give you #200in2020!


A few years ago, I followed an author who handwrote letters or cards every day for a year.  What stayed with me was how transformative she found the process.  She learned to related to people differently as she was forced to personally connect.  I wanted to try something similar.  I’ve always enjoyed sending handwritten thank you notes, postcards, and birthday greetings — but 200?!  In a year?!  Roughly 16 per month?  So far so good!  Follow me on Instagram for my progress as I’m encouraging people who receive notes from me to post them with the hashtag #notes200in2020.

September Update:  I admit it, I’ve let this one get away from me.  But I have a plan!  As of the end of Q3:  I’m at 101.  So, am I bit behind? Yes, I am!  But I’ve recommitted to finishing on track!  I have to do 33 for October, November, and December and I’m ready!  The holidays are coming — and honestly, I’ve done a terrible job the past few months of maintaining some friendships.  So here we go!  

May Update:  Who expected these nutty lockdowns and how connected we’d all feel by sending and receiving mail once again!  I’ve been keeping up my monthly goal (17/month) helped along by a stashes of old postcards I’ve found along the way. (Apparently, I’ve had a postcard problem for quite some time. I’d thought it was a recent development but evidence from trips in the 80s and 90s tells me that’s most definitely not the case.)  As of today, I’ve sent 71 of my 200 notes.

It’s given me a sense of accomplishment to reach out to so many folks and make my goal.  But even more importantly, it’s been such an incredible joy to hear back from people!  Thought calls, texts, emails, and even handwritten mailed notes, I’ve heard about all of you — from toilet paper crises to cocktail recipes to news of your families, and worries about kids going to college. Thank you so much for sharing your worlds with me — even during this crazy time of quarantine!

December update:  I made it!  Holiday cards put me over the top and I still didn’t finish getting them out to everyone.  What a great way this was to connect — and a way to wake up some old relationships and bring some handwritten sunshine into some people’s lives. 


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