#notes200in2020! #art200in2020 Will you join me?

Welcome to the year 2020!

January got a way from me so here I am, a few weeks late to announce a personal project for 2020.  It combines goals I want to achieve, discovery, and change — so I give you #200in2020!


Last year, I participated in a couple of daily art challenges and they were sort of game changers for me!  I was surprised at how much I learned from drawing or painting every day, trying new things, experimenting with new styles, and working in small formats.  I found that I love to create abstract landscapes in watercolor and that I like to play around with impressionistic styles in pastels. So, I am resolved to create 200 new pieces of art in 2020.  Follow me on Instagram for my progress!  @feedmedrinkme #art200in2020


A few years ago, I followed an author who handwrote letters or cards every day for a year.  What stayed with me was how transformative she found the process.  She learned to related to people differently as she was forced to personally connect.  I wanted to try something similar.  I’ve always enjoyed sending handwritten thank you notes, postcards, and birthday greetings — but 200?!  In a year?!  Roughly 16 per month?  So far so good!  Follow me on Instagram for my progress as I’m encouraging people who receive notes from me to post them with the hashtag #notes200in2020.


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