Bringing Your Whole Self

(c) Copyright Renee M. Wilmeth, Wilmeth Farms, Texas Wheat
Wheat ready for harvest, Hansford County, Texas

Recently, on my way to a lunch meeting, I caught a FarmHer minute on RFDTV.

RFDTV for those not in the Ag world is the rural television news station with everything from weather reports to rodeo standings.  I listen to it on Sirius/XM to keep up with the daily market reports.  (Yes, I am a woman whose side hustle is running the family farm.) FarmHer is a television program and web initiative that focuses on women in ag — from leadership to taking care of farm families.

On this particular mid-June day, I caught a “FarmHer Minute” with a message that stuck with me:  Stop just bringing your best and instead bring your whole self.  

We are so focused on being the best we can be.  At work, we strive to be the best manager, the star employee, the one who never lets anyone down. We always try to be the best for our organizations, colleagues, employees and friends.  But to what end?

The message was that when we only bring our A Game, we are bound to fail. But if we bring our best — and worst — parts to our work, we bring our whole selves.  We need our weak spots as well as our strengths in order to succeed.  If we don’t allow ourselves to fail, we never grow.

To any job well, you have to be a well-rounded leader, manager, board member, and person. You have to bring your best — and your weaknesses so you can truly contribute all you can offer.    So, your lesson today — from an unexpected source — is to bring it, but bring your whole self.

(PS, I looked everywhere I could for a link to the original FarmHer Minute or a transcript with no luck.  If you have a link to the author, voice talent, or audio, email me and I’ll add it in.)



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