Itchy Feet

A polished stone street in Split, Croatia Renee Wilmeth
Feet have polished these stones for 2000 years.

My friend Sara Chapman Williams used to tell me she was nervous when she didn’t have plane tickets on her desk for her next trip. I find I’m the same way. For those of us who obsessively check our TripIt lists for our next big adventure, itchy feet can be a hazard of the hobby. We long to move, to travel, to see. We find that planning a trip is half the fun, especially when you’re traveling with someone who is generally on the same page about pace, expenses, splurges, and even naps.

I was home all last summer, which was strange but also felt very luxurious. For for the first time in three years, I wasn’t scrambling on a deadline to grab my dry cleaning, finish projects, and book a hotel room. Then again, I also wasn’t making restaurant reservations or sightseeing in an exotic locale.  While it was nice to gain some momentum at home, I have found that when I sit still too long I get itchy feet.

Travel can be the sort of thing that sneaks up on you. It’s so easy to put it aside. The time, the expense, the displacement from home are all excuses to let a body at rest stay at rest. But yet … every time I return from a trip, even a busy one, I’m more energized than before. I’ve seen people and places, sights and sounds and more that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. When I’m out in the world, the universe speaks to me giving me new perspectives and ideas.  And when I remind myself how valuable travel is to me, I know that no matter how lovely it was to be home all summer, I can’t live without travel. I can’t survive without seeing this world around us.

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